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Hello Hempz January Influencers and Agents 

Hempz is launching their NEW & IMPROVED Beauty Actives Collection!

Upcoming Dates:

  • 12/20 Contracts sent for signature

  • 12/22 Content ideas due via email to Campaigns@WhinkCreative.Agency. Example “I’ll be using a trending sound of XYZ while I challenge my BF to a smell test using both lotions."

  • 12/22 Product Ships

  • 12/23 Signatures due 

  • 12/23 Content idea feedback due from Hempz to influencer

  • 12/23 by 5pm - Influencer must connect their accounts to Influence Kit.

  • 12/27 Product arrives

  • 1/10 Content due in your Google Drive folder for approval. You must use this drive, Box or other accounts will not be accepted. In your Google Folder upload

    • 1) Your video

    • 2) Google doc of your caption and hashtags

    • 3) Cover reel image if applicable. If sound isn’t available to share, include your trending sound or music in your google doc

  • 1/12 Approvals/feedback granted

  • 1/13 - 1/15 Posting live. See your contract for requested date.

  • 1/18 Metrics due to Influence Kit.

  • 1/20 Send invoice to Accounting@WhinkCreative.Agency


We have paired problem-solving ingredients with our signature formulas and amazing scents to create our NEW & IMPROVED Beauty Actives Collection!

Designed for the differing needs of all skin types, this collection was formulated with beneficial ingredients to keep your skin feeling soft, nourished, and conditioned. 



  1. Drive awareness of SILKY SOFT AND HEALTHY SKIN! Hempz is launching their latest skin care line with boosted formulas for the softest and most radiant skin ever.

  2. Promote this is exclusive to 



Engagement, Clicks, Shares, Saves, Swipe Ups

Call to Action

​Drive in store to Ulta, web at to get these newly formulated lotions



Shares on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Podcasts, Newsletters, YouTube and Pinterest if applicable

Content Guidelines

  • SILKY SOFT AND HEALTHY SKIN! Hempz is launching their latest skin care line with boosted formulas for the softest and most radiant skin ever.  

  • Promote this is exclusive to 

  • New formulas include: 

    • Ocean Breeze with Hyaluronic Acid

      • With notes of hibiscus, palm grass, and watery sugarcane

      • Hyaluronic acid helps retain skin’s natural moisture and alleviate dryness

    • Cucumber & Aloe with Ceramides + B3

      • With notes of cucumber water, fresh-cut aloe, and water lotus

      • Ceramides help the skin’s moisture barrier by making the skin appear firmer and smoother. B3 helps improve the skin’s hydration and elasticity.

  • It’s also good for you - Hempz formulated all our products with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients. Whether using vanilla extract to help calm inflammation or shea butter to condition skin, our favorite ingredients are natural, not from a test tube.

Sponsored Content Checklist


See your individual contract for negotiated deliverables

  • For Instagram Reels or Tik Tok

    • Bright colors and movement

    • Want to see you interact with product

    • Use trending sounds, "shit" is okay "fuck" is not

    • Tag @hempzofficial

    • Mandatory hashtags:  #HempzPartner #Hempz #HempzLotion 

    • Mandatory Invite Collab Tag:  Use Tag Collaborator @Hempzofficial option on Instagram

    • Watch out: Invite Collaborator Tags do NOT carry over from Drafts you will need to re-tag upon posting

  • Instagram Stories


Once your content is approved and shot, upload your Creative including a Google Doc of your caption, and a Cover Image of your Reel if applicable, to your Google Drive folder  by  January  10, 2022. Email Campaigns@WhinkCreative.Agency when it’s uploaded. Don’t post until you have approval. 


After you have completed your InfluenceKit metrics send your invoice to Accounting@WhinkCreative.Agency


Ensure you have signed up to Influence Kit and connected your channels. A Facebook page is required to set up Instagram metrics. Select “YES” when prompted to give Whink Creative ability to upload your deliverables for you. You must sign up for Influence Kit 5 days prior to your content going live to ensure it can pull your Story data.


After you have posted your content go back into Influence Kit and add your links under +Deliverables

Click here to learn how to add Instagram Story views and Swipe ups to Influence Kit.


Email Campaigns@WhinkCreative.Agency if you have any questions.



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