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Whink Creative studios

Are you tired of expensive and generic content for your brand's marketing efforts? Look no further than Whink Creative Agency, your one-stop solution for affordable User-Generated Content (UGC) that captures the authentic essence of your brand.

Content Creation


Hempz wanted to bring their logo to life and Whink designed and built a Hempz costume that they feature on their social channels. 


Whink Creative created a mascot for Licefreee! named SuperLiceMan. He was so popular we gave him his own social channels. Licefreee! saw a 28% increase in Amazon sales and 100% share rate with the SuperLiceMan campaign. 


Malibu Wave needed a funny reel to attract moms to their product. We researched and found a videographer that was comfortable on a paddle board, rented props, and got lucky that the seals came out to play that day. The video received the most views of the campaign.

Tik Tok Got You Stuck?

To grow on Tik Tok you need to post 4X a day. But who has the time? Whink Creative created a solution. We provide a daily database of all Tik Tok trends PLUS including how to integrate your product into them AND write all your copy. We offer weekly and monthly access to your bespoke content calendar. If you need more than ideas, we can also edit and shoot for you.

tik Tok Trends
direct your  Video assets
caption writing

Influencer Casting

Finding the right micro-influencer for a brand campaign takes patience. Many brands rely on databases, but Whink feels that emerging talent can be found everywhere. We scour the internet to find emerging and engaging talent for every brand.

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