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Teaching Brands & Influencers How to Create Profitable Brand Partnerships on Instagram and Tik Tok

Whitney is obsessed with influencer marketing. She’s boiled down success to six secrets and wants to share them with you.

“"Whitney was a favorite among Mom 2.0 attendees and answered detailed questions from her audience. Her knowledge and passion for influencer marketing is contagious.”

Laura Mayes

Co-Founder, Mom 2.0


About Whitney

Whitney Cicero brilliantly dispels the myths of Influencer Marketing and provides absolute clarity about what makes and breaks sponsorship deals. With over 12 million dollars in sponsorship deals generated, and over 55M views on social media she brings her 25+ years of experience as an executive at Disney and Coca-Cola to help Brands and Influencers come together for impactful partnerships.

She has won numerous awards for her digital campaigns and has been a guest on the Today Show. She has been featured on Huffington Post, Yahoo News, Fox News, and The Real Daytime.

Whit’s playful and humorous speaking style instantly engages attendees, whether they are in the same room or on a screen somewhere across the globe. If you need a speaker that can inspire and educate your audience, look no further!


Whink Creative has saved us up to 75% in posted influencer rates, her negotiations and knowledge of the market is unparalleled. 

Addison I.

 Brand Manager


My Talks

The 6 C’s Of Successful Brand Sponsorships

Influencer marketing is exploding, and the rules of the game change weekly. Whitney stays atop the changing landscape to help brands and influencers get the most of their sponsorship deals.

You’ll learn:

For Brands

  • How to create an influencer budget

  • How to choose the right influencer for your campaign


For Influencers

  • How to make money on Instagram and Tik Tok through brand deals

  • Contract Do’s and Don’t’s

  • Best practices for getting hired again

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Whitney can speak to any aspect of Influencer Marketing for both Brand and Influencer audiences.

She is happy to brainstorm with your event staff to craft a presentation specifically for your audience.

Are you a brand just starting to look into Influencer Marketing

Have a social media team that is trying to get up to speed on current Influencer trends

Running an Influencer event for a specific niche



I have loved working with Whink. They’ve made every step easy and understandable. They’ve had my best interest at heart and understand the relevance of the brands I want to work with. I look forward to doing lots more work with Whink.



Whitney was the first person to be transparent about influencer rates - something that I had been googling for months. Thank you!

Jennifer B.

Mom2.0 Attendee

Whink understands influencer marketing at a DNA level. She’s our company’s secret weapon.

Heidi P.

Director of Marketing



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