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malibu wave

March 2022

Hello Influencer -


We are thrilled you are part of the Malibu Wave CBD campaign. We look forward to your fun, authentic content introducing Malibu Wave to your audience, with a target of moms.


Please review this information in full as there are important dates and information for you.



Attached is the creative brief for your review. We prefer you create original content, but if your site has more curated content, then Malibu Wave will supply the IG Story frames for you. Please note this on your form.



3 - frame IG Story with swipe ups on each slide. Below find your individual discount link. Your link gives each of your followers 30% off! Malibu Wave will be repeating this campaign with the highest converting influencers so this is really important! The more links the better!



2-days after your Stories are live send your screenshot and swipe up metrics to Concierge@WhinkCreative.Agency with “@MyPage - Malibu Wave Metrics” in the subject heading.



To ensure we have a nice cadence of content, we are pacing the Stories out. See your post dates below, if you need to switch please let me know.



Provide your address details in this form. DUE: Monday, 2/28 by 11:00 AM PST. Product will ship 3/7 and arrive to you by 3/10.



After you have sent in your metrics submit your invoice to Accounting@WhinkCreative.Agency. You will receive payment by 4/15.


This is an incredible slate of the most influential mom accounts, thank you for being a part of this.


By way of this email I’m introducing you to Russell, he will be your concierge on this campaign. He will be able to assist you with any questions. 


Call me anytime about anything - Whitney 415-298-5282

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