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Hello See’s Candies EASTER Influencers and Agents 


We’re looking forward to having you create some beautiful content for See’s Easter Holiday. The focus candy is limited-time Easter eggs and Easter gifts.


Upcoming Dates:

  • 3/14  - Product Ships

  • 3/16  -  Product Arrives

  • 3/17 - NEW! Submit your content idea for approval via email to Concierge@WhinkCreative.Agency

  • 3/18 - 3/29 - Once your content is approved and completed, Upload your files into your Google Drive folder. We will not accept submissions to third party drives or Box accounts, you must use this one.

  • 3/19 - 4/3 - CAMPAIGN LIVE 

  • 4/8 - 4/12 - Input metrics into Influence Kit 

  • 4/15 - Send invoices to Accounting@WhinkCreative.Agency 



Easter Campaign 2022

This campaign will promote See’s Easter/Spring products and inspire people to make Easter special by celebrating with See’s. Whether that’s surprising your family with a See’s Easter egg hunt, having a See’s-filled picnic, splitting a box with the whole family, sending sweets to loved ones near and far – See’s makes spring and Easter family traditions extra special.



Increase brand affinity and inspire customers to celebrate Easter with See’s. Encourage customers to create Easter traditions and fill their Easter baskets with See’s.


Engagement, Clicks, Shares, Saves, Swipe Ups

Call to Action

Drive to site:


Shares on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest if applicable

Content Guidelines

Organic content featuring items from our Easter/Spring collection that encourages people to celebrate Easter with See’s. The content should showcase positive connection and feelings towards the brand and inspire customers to celebrate with See’s.


Content Guidelines/Requirements:

Please do not include any other food items or showcase other brand logos except See’s. If product selected is enclosed in box, ensure contents of package are easily visible as shown in examples below. Primary content should include human element (ex: hand in shot). Content of solely products can be included as secondary images, videos, or stories.

Only use royalty free music that you have rights to.

Sponsored Content Checklist


See your individual contract for negotiated deliverables

  • 1 In-feed Instagram or Tik Tok post 

    • See’s product must be in the image

    • Tag @seescandies, use #SeesCandies and #ad in caption

    • Use Tag Collaborator option on Instagram

      • Note: Invite Collaborator Tags do NOT carry over from Drafts you will need to re-tag upon posting

      • Optional:

  • 1 (3 - frame) Instagram Story


You must submit your creative idea for approval prior to shooting. Email description is fine. Send to Concierge@WhinkCreative.Agency

Once your content is approved and shot, upload your Creative including a Google Doc of your caption, and a Cover Image of your Reel if applicable, to your Google Folder 48 hours prior to your live date. Email Concierge@WhinkCreative.Agency when it’s uploaded. Don’t post until you have approval.



Messaging examples:

  1. Want to know how we’re leveling up our Easter Egg Hunt this year? We’re making it extra sweet with the most delicious Easter treats from @seescandies that are definitely worth the hunt. Pick up your Easter essentials at your local See’s shop or online at! #SeesCandies

  2. It’s that time of the year to hop over to our local @seescandies shop to fill our Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies, decorated eggs, and more delicious Easter goodies! Did you know See’s decorates their eggs by hand? They’re almost too pretty to eat (too delicious not to though). My favorite is their Dark Chocolate Butter Egg. What’s yours? #SeesCandies

Mandatory Messages:

  • See’s product must be in the image

  • Tag @seescandies, use #SeesCandies in caption

  • Must Tag @SeesCandies using Collaborator Tag


Nice to have:

  • Real traditions with See’s with loved ones

  • Stories about eating See’s

  • Going into a See’s shop to make content


After you have completed your InfluenceKit metrics send your invoice to Accounting@WhinkCreative.Agency


Ensure you have signed up to InfluenceKit and connected your channels. A Facebook page is required to set up Instagram metrics. Select “YES” when prompted to give Whink Creative ability to upload your deliverables for you. You must sign up for Influence Kit 5 days prior to your content going live to ensure it can pull your Story data.


After you have posted your content go back into Influence Kit and add your links under +Deliverables


Email Concierge@WhinkCreative.Agency if you have any questions.



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