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Hello See’s Candies Dios De Los Muertos Influencers and Agents 


Inspire customers to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos with See’s and sweeten up their holiday while they celebrate with loved ones.


Whether that’s making an altar, decorating, or sharing treats with loved ones, there is something at See’s to make the holiday even sweeter to honor those who have passed.



Upcoming Dates:

  • 9/15 by 8 AM - Please fill out your product order & content idea submission HERE

  • 9/16 by 5pm - Influencer must connect their accounts to Influence Kit

  • 9/19 - Product Ships

  • Week of 9/22 - Product Arrives

  • 10/3 by 5 PM  PST- All content due for approval. Upload your files into your Google Drive folder.We will not accept submissions to third party drives or Box accounts, you must use this one.

  • 10/7 - 10/14 - Influencers to post their content. Each Influencer will be assigned a specific date in contract. If you prefer a different date please reach out to us 

  • 10/15-10/16 5 PM- Input metrics intoInfluence Kit

  • 10/18 - Send invoices toAccounting@WhinkCreative.Agency



Whether that’s making spooky candy-cuterie boards, making trick-or-treat goodie bags, staying in to watch scary movies with See’s as snacks, baking using See’s, or sharing See’s at Dios De Los Muertos parties—there is always a place for See’s in a Dios De Los Muertos celebration.



Inspire customers to celebrate Dios De Los Muertos with See’s and buy their Dios De Los Muertos candy from See’s


Engagement, Clicks, Shares, Saves, Swipe Ups

Call to Action

Drive to (products will be live 9/19)

Promotion and Offer Details

•DATES of promotion:

•10/7 - 10/14 to celebrate Dios de los Muertos

•Influencers should post collateral between 10/7 - 10/14


Shares on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest if applicable

Content Guidelines

An assortment of Dia de Los Muertos See’s candy. If you and your family have a favorite See’s or a specific concept in mind, See’s is happy to accommodate and send you the products you need. Product examples:

  • DDLM Lollypop Tin Covers (Butterscotch and Chocolate)

  • Assorted Chocolate or Nuts & Chews with DDLM sleeve


Content Guidelines/Requirements:

Please do not include any other food items or showcase other brand logos except See’s. Please do not include any dogs or animals. If product selected is enclosed in box, ensure contents of package are easily visible as shown in examples below. Primary content should include human element (ex: holding product and smiling, hand in shot, etc.). Content of solely products can be included as secondary images, videos, or stories.

Only use royalty free music that you have rights to.


Overall look and feel of content should be bright, upbeat and evoke feelings of happiness.

Sponsored Content Checklist


See your individual contract for negotiated deliverables

  • 1 in-feed Instagram post (reels preferred, but not required) OR 1 TikTok post, whatever is in your contract.

  • 3 minimum IG Story frames linking to DDLM product

  • Shares on Twitter, Facebook, & TikTok 

  • Timeframe: Content should be posted within October 7, 2022-October 14, 2022)

  • Upload your Creative including a Google Doc of your caption, and a Cover Image of your Reel if applicable, to your Google Folder 48 hours prior to your live date. Email Concierge@WhinkCreative.Agency once uploaded.

  • Syndicate on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest if available


Once your content is approved and shot, upload your Creative including a Google Doc of your caption, and a Cover Image of your Reel if applicable, to your Google Drive folder October 3, 2022. Email Campaigns@WhinkCreative.Agency when it’s uploaded. Don’t post until you have approval. 



Messaging examples:

  1. Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos with the BEST: See’s Candies

  2. No matter how you’re celebrating DDLM, See’s will make it sweeter.


After you have completed your InfluenceKit metrics send your invoice to Accounting@WhinkCreative.Agency


Ensure you have signed up to Influence Kit and connected your channels. A Facebook page is required to set up Instagram metrics. Select “YES” when prompted to give Whink Creative ability to upload your deliverables for you. You must sign up for Influence Kit 5 days prior to your content going live to ensure it can pull your Story data.


After you have posted your content go back into Influence Kit and add your links under +Deliverables

Click here to learn how to add Instagram Story views and Swipe ups to Influence Kit.


Email Campaigns@WhinkCreative.Agency if you have any questions.



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